About Us

Dispuut Process & Energy (P&E) is the study association for students of the Energy & Process Technology (EPT) track of the master Mechanical Engineering at the TU Delft.

The aim of our association is to give its members the opportunity to gain insight in the possibilities within the process and energy sector by organizing various extracurricular activities. Our association develops a platform where students can interact with representatives of the industry to look for internship, thesis projects and career opportunities through various study related events.

Dispuut Process & Energy organizes several social events throughout the year to connect students among each other. Our members form an international community which spans many nationalities from around the world. The social events allow us to spark the students interest and involve them in our activities.

The Board

Johan Stelwagen


Job van Dijk


Michiel Roos

Commissioner External Affairs

Nuria Serrano Barthe

Commissioner Events

Siddharth Kalra

Commissioner Events


Energy & Process Technology (EPT) is a Mechanical Engineering master track at mechanical engineering faculty of the TU Delft. The curriculum focuses on process and energy technology within a mechanical context.

Students acquire the theoretical knowledge required to work on conventional process and energy systems and to develop next generation energy and process technologies. Students study key basic disciplines, including thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, process modelling and simulation and process equipment design, giving them a sound theoretical basis in both process and energy engineering. Students subsequently specialize in either Energy, Fluid or Process Technology.

Students specializing in Energy Technologies develop a thorough understanding of energy conversion and utilization technologies. Students study highly efficient, integrated processes for the production and utilization of heat, power and secondary fuels. Starting at a systems analysis level, students will gain skills to apply their knowledge in sustainable next-generation processes.

Students specializing in Process Technology develop the knowledge and skills to systematically define, design and optimize a variety of (sustainable) processes and equipment. The specialization focuses on such topics as the design of innovative sustainable processes for the exploitation of synergetic process combinations and the benefits of miniaturized equipment and external energy fields.

Students specializing in Fluid Technologies dive into the further understanding of all flowing processes and flow characteristics. Courses in turbulence, multi-phase flow and computational fluid dynamics are considered to be among the thoughest at the TU Delft, but they will allow the students to be at the leading edge in technological progress in these topics.

"Sustaining our current quality of life requires innovative solutions to process and energy conversion technologies."


Social Events

Our social events supplements the curriculum with a social experience with the aim to connect students among each other and with staff members. Organized throughout the year, it is a platform to generate enthusiasm for our association.


Several excursions are organized throughout the year to showcase the application of theoretical fundamentals, taught in the curriculum, in practice by visiting different companies within the process and energy field.

Company Day

The Company Day is a career oriented event, where representatives of the industry gather to provide students and industry a platform to interact, which aids students in their search for internships, thesis projects and career opportunities.

Study Tour

Every year a group of students travel abroad during the Study Tour to view applications of process and energy fundamentals in industries throughout the world. It encompasses a cultural, social and educational experience, broadening our students view.


On behalf of all students and staff of TU Delft, Dispuut Process & Energy would like to thank its partners for their contribution.

"achieving sustainability in the industrial realm can only be accomplished by overcoming tough technical and fundamental challenges."